I tried some of the XXX Black Label herbal incense and had some horrible side effects that need to be reported.

An hour after ingesting the product a loud ringing sensation started in my ears that was quite worrying.

I've heard of similar negative effects from a 'next generation' legal high Black Widow.

I'd appreciate it if all discussion in this thread could please be kept relevant. The mods won't like us speculating on what it is either.however, as it is *probably* a synthetic canniboid, I would imagine that it isnt yet. Why dont people just smoke weed instead of trying out all these synthetic chemicals Far more efficacious dude.I haven't bothered with natural Cannabis for 3 years now.The sneaker features a mix of black and anthracite on the upper with a full-length icy outsole.The Air Jordan XXX "Black Cat" release date is set for April 16, 2016 at a retail price of 0.

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