Validating sale of mortgage default offline address list exchange 2016 not updating

Information that can benefit our society when it comes to understanding the debt collection process and how it relates to us.

I have included some of the highlights (short clips) of these videos that pertain to debt validation in this article.

Now, you have never met Bob before so why would you just hand over the money he says you owe him?

You probably wouldn't — at least not before first asking Bob some questions.

This information generally entails sending a debt validation request on your “valid” debts prior to communicating with the debt collector who is attempting to collect from you.These companies do not spend much money at all for these debts, sometimes paying less than 1 cent on the dollar.Even if the debt is not a large debt, they often hire an attorney to send out mass form letters to debtors in the hopes of collecting.Before you do, you need to understand the dos and don'ts of debt validation.This article is a great place to start, followed by Debt Validation Myths, two comprehensive resources that should leave you well-prepared for dealing with a debt collector. Let's say you borrowed money from your friend, Paul. As times goes by, you think you might still owe Paul money but you are not sure how much.

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