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Id $Id: at.1.in,v 1.8 1997/09/28 ig25 Exp $ at, batch, atq, atrm - queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution at [-V] [-q queue] [-f file] [-mldbv] TIME at [-V] [-q queue] [-f file] [-mldbv] -t time_arg at -c job [job...] atq [-V] [-q queue] atrm [-V] job [job...] batch [-V] [-q queue] [-f file] [-mv] [TIME] at and batch read commands from standard input or a specified file which are to be executed at a later time .

lists the user’s pending jobs, unless the user is the superuser; in that case, everybody’s jobs are listed.

One candidate is /work/play; another is /work/you_take_your_chances ; further suggestions combine the ideas of semi and perm: we invite your suggestions.

:-) There is an FAQ on temporary file systems, their use, and the flushing policies at Remember too that only a few of the file systems on the SXes are backed-up - see and flushing of old files are necessary to provide space for current work on shared file systems. Net CDF with support for large files There is an updated version of netcdf installed on florey, russell and in the SX cross compiler installations on farrer and gale to support large files ( The installed files (in /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include on florey/russell) have been given version specific names containing the string 3.5.1b10 (like netcdf-3.5.1b10.h).

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If parts are for resale, a sales tax number should be provided.

For further information, contact Gareth at [email protected] Update to ncrob utilities on cherax On the request systems (accessed from the HPCCC WWW pages), req 2209 (resolved) gives details of changes made to the ncrob utilities on cherax, because of performance problems.

Users are advised to run these utilities on the portal, farrer.

I was using it only last week, so it isn't as if it was lying there for months.

So, the user is right - "perm" does imply "permanent", and the /work/perm areas on the SXes do not provide permanent storage. (The excuse is these and previous systems had an area called $TMPDIR for job-temporary files, and an area called $PTMPDIR, called permanent $TMPDIR, meaning that files in there would last longer than a job.

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