Taylor kitsch dating connie britton

"I've come to believe it's probably not a good idea and I seriously doubt it's gonna happen." Indeed, No.

33, Tim Riggins, would (sadly) never make an appearance anyway.

Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker both took part in a photo shoot for their new movie Battleship this morning (March 28, 2012), stealing the limelight from their male co-star, Taylor Kitsch (currently starring in the troubled...

John Carter may have become the biggest box-office flop in Hollywood history, but its star, Taylor Kitsch, has no regrets about having appeared in it.

Despite supposedly not having a particular type, Kitsch has stated...

Brooklyn Decker arrived at the Sydney premiere of her new movie Battleship wearing an eye-catching black white and gold floor length dress.

The 31-year-old actor plays the titular military captain who is sent to Mars in the film and he has revealed his handsome appearance would be marked...

Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna loved being surrounded by men on the set of 'Battleship'.

Edit In 2008, he went to Africa with his co-star co-star Connie Britton.

In Africa, they went to Uganda and Kenya and became more aware of a charity called the African Children's Choir.

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