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Early this year, Latvia’s parliament voted to join the eurozone.

The country has endured two economic shocks in recent decades – in the early 1990s and in 2008, when it had the deepest recession in the world.

Despite how busy it gets at weekends, I Love You still manages to feel cozy and intimate, thanks to its unpretentious decoration and comfortable nooks and crannies.

Address: 9 Aldaru ielā, Riga, Latvia, 371 67 225 304 Riga might seem like an odd location for a Cuban-themed bar but Cuba Café is a success.

There’s even a second floor – with a second bar- if the first one’s full.

Address: 7 Audeju iela, Riga, Latvia, 371 26121266 This friendly, hip bar is…pharmacy-themed. The interior recreates an old apothecary, with drinks served among old brick walls, medieval scales, old bottles, tables embedded with pills, and painted outlines of old-fashioned medicine cabinets.

It’s known for its live music and cool Electro beats to which a young, bohemian crowd enjoys dancing.

It’s a popular spot for Latvian rugby fans in particular.Read on for a list of the 10 best bars in the Old Town.I Love You is one of Riga’s hippest bars and is always packed on a Saturday night if the weather’s not too forbidding (it’s a bit more empty when there’s a snowstorm outside).Address: 19 Peldu iela, Riga, Latvia, 371 27 796 914 Not far from Aussie Backpackers’ Pub, Omas Briljants, literally ‘Grandma’s Diamonds’, is a seamless blend of retro kitsch (think ceramic chandeliers) with contemporary hipster cool.It’s a great cocktail place, with excellent drinks served in glasses or very reasonably priced jugs.

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