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"Kevin was kind enough to be a replacement," I finished, looking at the man across from me in gratitude.

Kevin gave a small smile, though seemed uncomfortable with my using his name. His body had gone from squirming to a rigid posture, which was made even more apparent as he robotically reached for his drink.? Kevin's glass nearly toppled to the floor as he abruptly coughed up his drink.

My eyes pleaded with him to play nice as he came to a stop near the edge of the table.

He had to pick one."Harvey," I played along, forcing my voice to quake in surprise.

After an hour at the table, Kevin was still lingering over the dinner menu. I could at least be civil to the man."So Kevin," I began, beaming a friendly smile— was a bit of a stretch, but I was already grasping at straws. " I questioned lightly and tapped the top of the menu with two fingers. The pup could pull off just enough urgency to get me out of this discomfort scotch-free. He had a date with Jenny tonight, which meant there was no way he was going to answer his phone.

Option two: he was using the menu as a Donna blockade. I was well aware that I could be an intimidating person. And considering the fact that every time I tried to peer around the paper fence, Kevin would hunch and give a weird twitch, I'd say he was scared… It almost made me chuckle, but I restrained myself. I cleared my throat and tried another approach."Kevin? If I could get Mike to call, his voice would carry true and sincere, which was absolutely perfect to play the little brother calling big sis with some mediocre family emergency.

"You are married." He pulled his hand from under mine and sank his head into his hands."Eight years next summer," Harvey chimed in.

"Or at least it was supposed to," he ground out in my direction. The closer got the message, sauntering to my side of the table.

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