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Louis and now, Anaheim, even as their captain and leading scorer were felled in the process.

You can show a lot of emotion, empty the bench of sticks every now and then if you like. The outliers are people like Trotz and Ruff, who managed to keep their jobs for more than a decade without a Cup to their credit.

Charleston is about four-and-a-half hours from Raleigh, N. Colbert doesn't often profess his support for his hometown teams, other than his support of the U. at the Olympics, but he did when the 'Canes won the Cup in 2006 (watch the clip here.)While Colbert may just be a fairweather fan, his recognition of the team's Stanley Cup win on Comedy Central in 2006 was probably the biggest celebrity support the team has received, which makes him their biggest celebrity fan., where they attended a couple of Blackhawks games.

For those who might question if Vaughn is another fairweather celebrity hockey fan, he is not.

He has received state and national awards at each stop and has been honored repeatedly by the Associated Press Sports Editors, the National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association, the National Association of Black Journalists, and the Associated Press Managing Editors. It's not even about the goalie, which Lavvy proved just by getting the Flyers to the Finals in 2010. The whip, the prodding, and the mental toll it takes in a sport where maximum effort and concentration is more of an equalizer than any other major sport.Sam Donnellon is a Flyers beat writer for the Daily News and Inquirer. He's back coaching the NHL team he won a Stanley Cup with, coaching the team that Lindy Ruff couldn't get to play in four seasons the way he got so many of those Buffalo teams to play over his 15 seasons as the Sabres coach.His career has spanned four decades and has taken him all over the world. You want to know why most hockey coaches, even accomplished ones, come with expiration dates?Lavvy had a hard time with Rod Brind'Amour in Carolina at first and his failed attempt to reign in the partying of his young stars here hastened their exit, and likely his as well. "The personnel, the players have changed,'' he told the Dallas Morning News. There are no emotional ups and downs with Hakstol players have said repeatedly, especially during those stretches when the group appeared to be turning a corner. But there have been much longer stretches, including much of this season's second half, where the Flyers seemed to need Hitch's whip, or Lavy's intimidating glare and growl. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes to the Series 3 version of Hakstol, especially with the Flyers youth movement in full surge.

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