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He watches as his rearguard under Ser Wylis Manderly is chewed up by Ser Gregor Clegane in the fighting at the fords of the Trident.He leaves six hundred men under the command of Ser Kyle Condon and Ronnel Stout to guard the Trident.Roose sends his captain Steelshanks Walton with 200 men to secure Jaime's passage.The same day that Jaime leaves Harrenhal, Roose rides north to attend the wedding of Edmure Tully, Lord of Riverrun, to Roslin Frey at the is possible this land of House Karstark was taken from the Boltons.For many centuries the Boltons have remained loyal to the Starks, although rumors persist that they continue to flay their prisoners in secret and maintain a hidden chamber in the Dreadfort to display the skins of their enemies.

If we can reclaim these parts much of our vitality and passion returns.While there, Roose deals with high tensions between the different factions, particularly between the Freys and Lord Wyman Manderly.Every great lord has unruly bannermen who envy him his place. during the Age of Heroes, the Boltons used to flay the Starks and wear their skins as cloaks.The Boltons achieved some successes against the Starks, with Kings Royce II and Royce IV burning Winterfell.The Boltons are said to have flayed the skins of several Stark lords and hung them in the Dreadfort.

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