Iran hot chat

Even better, they invited us home for dinner and sometimes even payed our taxi bills.The people do not only want to get to know you as a person, but always want to tell you the history of their cities and villages – not wanting to receive anything back in return like money or buying stuff. One of the guys me and Clemens have met in Tehran, for example, even took over the relatively high costs of the admission to the famous Golestan Palace in Irans capital. But despite all the positive responses, I have always been vigilant as a woman in Iran, about what my presence as a halfway emancipated woman in this country (what ever that means nowadays…) could cause.To be honest, due to the fact that in the first days of my trip we had 35° celsius, wearing a hijab was just annoying.While in Germany or other states a scarf is a nice accessory, that you wear at the neck, in Iran you wear it on your head. It depends on the situation and the place or city, how many or how few hairs you should cover.

Surprisingly most of the women I have met during my trip liked my dress and wanted to know immediately where I have bought it.

Just like anywhere else, nearly every younger woman in Iran is totally into fashion, so it is no wonder that you can see many very well-dressed girls on the street.

However, whether hip or not hip, it’s a fact that you need a long dress you can wear in public.

To say it straight, I would have never expected this response.

Unknown people started to talk to me on the street and immediately welcomed me to their country.

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