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This single line of code will bring the database table to life.It will provide with a simple interface to your data, and ways of − When creating or editing an entry, scaffold will do all the hard work like form generation and handling for you, and will even provide clever form generation, supporting the following types of inputs − Now, open a browser and navigate to $ rake routes products GET /products(.:format) products#index POST /products(.:format) products#create new_product GET /products/new(.:format) products#new edit_product GET /products/:id/edit(.:format) products#edit product GET /products/:id(.:format) products#show PUT /products/:id(.:format) products#update DELETE /products/:id(.:format) products#destroy $From the resource and the selected route, Rails automatically determines the required URL and the required HTTP verb (in other words, whether it is a POST, GET, PUT or DELETE).

to remove the no longer needed internal storage data.

While you're developing Rails applications, especially those which are mainly providing you with a simple interface to data in a database, it can often be useful to use the scaffold method. Here are some benefits − To understand scaffolding, let's create a database called cookbook and a table called recipes.

Open a command window and navigate to where you want to create this cookbook web application.

This will provide you a screen to create new entries in the recipes table.

A screenshot is shown below − Once you press the Create button to create a new recipe, your record is added into the recipes table and it shows the following result − You can see the option to edit, show, and destroy the records. You can also list down all the recipes available in the recipes table using the URL To understand this, add some validation rules to the empty recipe model − Modify app/models/as follows and then test your application − It will generate the result as shown above output images.

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