College intimidating

Any individual who declares Maine residency must follow rules like vehicle registration, but that process is completely separate from voter registration.

Dunlap said Le Page’s comments ‘‘inflame an atmosphere of doubt and fear among the voters.’’Janet Mills, the state’s Democratic Attorney General, said there are no financial penalties for exercising the constitutional right to vote.

Le Page said that after the election, ‘‘we will do everything’’ allowed under state and federal law to verify college students who voted are following Maine law.

Being a mere bundle of wheat, it’s quite a leap of faith to believe that he could be intimidating or disheartening to any of Wichita’s opponents, even if you do give him Mr.

Universe-like muscles and erroneously characterize him as “bad.” In fact, I’d imagine seeing a basketball team called the “shockers” (those who harvest wheat) led by a walking heap of grain onto the hardwood would illicit more giggles and sneers than sports victories.

There are thousands of colleges spread all across the United States and whether they be in the Ivy League, Catholic, Christian, private schools, public schools, or tucked away into the nooks and crannies of the country’s smallest towns, spirit and pride are central to their students’ often inebriated lives. ” spirit, most colleges – besides using testosterone stoking cheerleaders – create recognizable mascots based on intimidating, vicious, and proud animals that serve to inspire their athletes to perform great feats of heroism on the field in the name of idol worship.

Some schools however eschew the standard of dropping a lonely nerd into an angry Eagle costume and go down a road less traveled; that of the seemingly confused, bizarre, and straight up insane mascot.

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