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Perhaps the most important way to get your crush is to get it together yourself.

In the words of Gretchen Weiners, "Ex-boyfriends are just like, off limits to friends" — and that's usually true, in the real world.

Any experience that generates excitement and creates ~butterflies~ is not only fun but memorable too.

Your crush will associate you with a good time and a fuzzy feeling in his/her chest.

The couple was photographed cuddling in the streets and going on dates before they called it quits.

Later that year, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift met on the set of .

's Dianna Agron share more than a talent for flawlessly playing the mean girl on TV.On-screen, they played a high school couple who were totally obsessed with each other, and irl, things were basically the same.Taylor squared, as they came to be known, dated for just a few months in 2009 before their relationship eventually fizzled.But in Hollywood, all of the dating rules are different.Because Hollywood is so small and everyone is connected, tons of celebs ends up dating the same people, and cutie Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez met when they were both filming movies in Vancouver in 2009 and were feeling a little homesick.

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