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Just be ready for the consequences if she finds out.You may end up losing her over your own insecurity when you feared to lose her over another man.You will lose all data that is not backed up, but the spy app will be removed.Then go into your phone settings and make sure that Allow from the unknown is not enabled. Grimm has achieved the level of "Colonel" with 150,875 points.I have concluded that girl is my husband's companion during HAJ 2015 There is no way to search that far back with a spy app.

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The only way would be to physically have the phone and then delete the notifications of a recent installation.

For instance, he could be away from IMO but left the app open. Skype always shows that I am online for instance, but that is because of my phone app. Once you have updated, the search should work again.

Because we are in a long distance relationship Use My Spy to Track Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, and Viber Instant Messages on Any Cell Phone is a Visi How article that will give you the information on using My Spy to target your girlfriend's Viber and retrieving deleted messages.

If they do not list this as a feature on their website, then contact them directly to inquire before you purchase.

Some apps do not have the software to monitor IMO while they can monitor Skype so be specific about which app you want to monitor.

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