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But it is, in fact, the sex talk—the anticipation of exploring with their daughters issues of love, intimacy, relationships and the mechanics of sex—that seems to flummox otherwise smart, accomplished, open-minded, articulate women.

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Her immediate reaction was to say, “Oh, no you’re not.” She pulled the covers over her head.

I did some online research, read a handful of articles and consulted a few books.

And when I finally steeled myself for this mother-daughter talk, I was sure that I was prepared.

I planned an outing to a small café, ordered a latte, bought my daughter a hot chocolate and dove right in: “Emma, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Bar Mitzvah blowjob,” I said.

Without giving her a chance to speak, and before I lost my nerve, I told her that she should not—under any circumstances—engage in such an intimate act.

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