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“When I was 19, a lady came to me asking for my parents’ telephone number to discuss a proposal for me.” Another woman interrupted and said: “You can look for another girl because this girl will be always available.I did not like that woman’s nasty comment and I asked her what she meant and whether she considered me a maiden.Trailing behind are Iraq (3%), Kuwait (3%), Qatar (2%), Egypt (1%), Lebanon (1%), and United Arab Emirates (1%).Also, 94% of Saudi users are men, compared to 78% of overall Middle Eastern users.

The difference between an individual’s biological age and psychological age is another reason, he said. Some families will not marry their youngest daughter until the eldest one has got married."While it's sad that these folks are posting such comments, we had to stop them from doing so because they were messing up the user experience for our other users (whom the app was actually built for)," Crane explained.According to Caller Smart's Facebook data: 22% of all downloads are from the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia tops the list at 11%.Not the best for women though, CBS reported last month that a Saudi Arabian man ambigiously accused a woman of "insulting" him on Whats App.The details of the conversation weren't released, and they didn't come cheaply: She's forced to pay around ,300 dollars and suffer 70 lashes.

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